Dear Faithful Shiloh Place partners AKA #LifeChanger!

We are thrilled to announce our involvement in the 7th Annual North Texas Giving Day and would like to invite you to partner with us in making this day an enormous financial success!!!

North Texas Giving Day is one day were the North Texas area joins together to give back to local non-profits. Giving is done online from 6am until midnight. Last year, in those 18 hrs, over $26 million was raised benefiting almost 2,000 organizations!

While the actual day isn’t until Sept 17th, you can help us make a difference today. We need your help to increase the impact of donations given that day.

This year, the organizations who have established Challenge Funds, or more commonly called Matching Funds, prior to August 1 will be given special designation on the website the day of the event. This will allow new donors to give knowing their money will be matched. It also allows Shiloh to increase bonus funds earned that day, as well as better compete for prizes ranging from $500 to $5000!
This is where YOU come in! Challenge funds are funds that are pledged by individuals, groups or businesses to match donations given on Giving Day. The amounts and parameters of the match are up to the donor. Some ideas include:

– Establish an exact match – Match $5000 given with $5000.
– If you are part of a small group of say 10 people, encourage everyone to commit to a $50 match and then suddenly we have a $500 match agreement from your group.
– If you own a business or work for a large corporation, consider creating a match sponsored by the company.

Challenge Funds or Matching Funds DRAMATICALLY impacts the financial success of Giving Day.

We are calling on you, our Shiloh faithful – donor, volunteer and prayer warrior – to be a #LifeChanger with us!

You don’t need to wait until September 17th to give….contact us today about how you can help with raising Challenge Funds for this year’s Giving Day.

Elaine Starkey, Executive Assistant

Contact me today to learn more… or 214-405-0110!!