This class is an important component of our Life Skill classes required for our moms to attend. We are proud of their commitment to doing the work and their willingness to submit to teaching and personal evaluation. Way to go moms…

All seriousness aside …last night as a part of the closing class they were asked to write a poem about something they learned and it got funny…
Here’s what was written…
“Please be kind,IMG_6076
Don’t use money to unwind.”

“Please be mindful and good,
Don’t spend money on fast food.”

“Saving money is fine,
So you don’t have to borrow mine.”

“10%, 10%, 80,
Live it or you will live shady.”

“Money we need, but let there be no greed.”

“Save, give and spend
And God will save your end.”

“Save for tomorrow,
So you don’t have to borrow.”