March Madness may mean one thing to you in your household, but to us at Shiloh Place it meant over 200 hours of volunteer time, 50 volunteers stepping foot and serving at Shiloh, a new playground, new landscaping and an almost completely organized donation garage.  Our volunteers are AMAZING!!!!

If not for the beautiful and hardworking hands of our many volunteers so much would be left undone here at Shiloh! We had a wildly successful work day this past Saturday !!!!! Thank you “Guat Girls” from Christ Fellowship, thank you to the dedicated crew from Chase Oaks that assembled the playground and bandannas for next weeks Run for Cover, to the mom and son teams from Lovejoy ISD and to the many others who donated bushes, donated time to digging up said bushes and to those who provided resources making the day run smoothly! We our volunteers!!!!!!!!!!!!!