Prayer Requests & Praises

Would you join me in praying for our moms?

  1. Pray for school – the moms begin class this week and next. Pray for endurance and clarity and favor with classmates and professors. Pray they remember to think long term as they work toward a better future/career.
  2. One mom is headed to court over child support claims. Please pray she would have wisdom on what avenues to pursue and that the judge would exercise discernment and be helpful and wise.
  3. Job opportunity – it’s a huge praise that all of our moms have employment but one mom is struggling in her job. It’s placing a lot of unneeded stress on her. Pray she would find a better opportunity and quickly.
  4. Exams/Job – Two of our moms graduated in December! One has found employment, one has not. Please pray for the perfect opportunity. They also have their exam in February to receive their license in their field of study. Pray for calm nerves, confidence and success!

We covet your prayers and are thankful beyond words for you and your mindfulness of Shiloh Place. We cannot do this work without your continued prayer support. Thank you!