Hand Up not a Hand Out

Shiloh Place is a ministry to single moms and their children who are homeless or “at-risk” of homelessness.  The program provides assistance with housing, childcare and tuition for up to two years with the goal of seeing our families move into a self – sufficient lifestyle that will stand the test of time.  This requires a genuine commitment to hard work on the part of the mom as she is required to the following while living at Shiloh Place.


  • Be enrolled full-time in a degree or certificate program that will open up new career opportunities with livable wage and benefits
  • Be working part-time, min 15 hours/week and preferably in her chosen job field
  • Attend case management sessions as required by current needs of the family
  • Attend counseling as needed per case management assessment
  • Participate in weekly Life Skills classes including topics such as parenting, financial management, boundaries, forgiveness, etc.
  • Pass weekly house checks of their apartment

Accountability as a Core Value

We invest heavily into each one of our residents.  In return they are held accountable for their actions or inactions.  Residents learn that choices and actions have consequences and we are each accountable for our decisions. It is our desire that when a mom is re-launched into the world, she is equipped to not only financially provide for herself and her children, but that she has the skills and confidence to be the woman and mother that God called and designed her to be.

Generational Impact

Our program is focused on making a generational impact by breaking the cycle of poverty.  Watch to learn more.


Applicant Requirements

• Be at least 20 years old

• Have 1-2 children no older than 10 years old

• Be Drug/Alcohol Free for at least 1 year

• Have a current Drivers license

• Own an insured car

• Possess GED or college credit

• Be at risk of homelessness

• Have sole physical custody of at least one child (Documentation must be provided)

• Be out of jail for at least 1 year, with no history of person-to-person crime

• Be motivated to achieve personal and career goals and adhere to program rules

If you think you may be our next Shiloh Mom please fill our the form on the “Contact Us” page or call the office at 469-534-9407.