Ways to Give

most wanted items

Help us meet our current “most wanted” needs by shopping our Amazon Wish List . This is a simple way to make a difference in the everyday lives of our families by meeting practical everyday needs. AND you can do it all with the tap of your finger…all items can be shipped directly to our office. Any questions regarding our current needs email Elaine@ShilohPlaceMcKinney.com.

Gift Cards are another way to bless Shiloh Place financially and a great way to fundraise for us in your places of influence.

  • Host a Gift Card drive and ask everyone to bring a gift card by an established date.
  • At your next event/party ask everyone to donate a gift card in lieu of an admission cost or a gift.
  • We furnish our apartments completely with Ikea furniture and furnishings like rugs, curtains, organizational items, etc.  These gift cards help us when we have to replace furnishings between families moving in.
  • Amazon gift cards are used for just about anything…primarily we use these to purchase the mom’s text books for school.

Accepted Gift Cards:

We use the following store gift cards for items such as:  diapers, birthday gifts for the Shiloh kids, supplies for Life Skills class, items needed to stock an apartment for a new family, office/school supplies, medications as needed, etc.

VISA Gift Cards: 

Easy because they work anytime for anything that we may or may not know is coming. 

ALL Gift Cards are used to further the mission and purpose of Shiloh Place and are added into our annual budget.

  target gift card  walmart gift card  officemax gift card  

ikea gift card amazon gift card  home depot gift card


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