With excellent schools, beautiful natural parks, affordable and diverse housing, plenty of jobs, and a vibrant downtown, McKinney has become one of the most desirable places to live, not just in the Metroplex, but in the United States.  This has earned our “Unique by Nature” community the title of #1 Best Place to Live by Money Magazine.  But even in this beautiful and wonderful city, there are loving mothers tucking their children into sleep in the back seat of their car – the only place they have to call home. There are children of single moms who are anxious to get to school on Monday mornings so that they can eat breakfast, and don’t look forward to Friday afternoons, because without the generosity of others, they will be hungry until next Monday. Even in McKinney, one of the richest areas of the state, there are hardworking moms that live with the fear of their child catching the flu and missing just one day of school; for they know that the missed day of work could result in eviction from their home.  These moms are not isolated to a single area or zip code in McKinney.  They sit next to you in the drop off lane of schools across the city, and your children likely know their children – just not their story.

Shiloh Place was started here in McKinney to bring hope to these families in a tangible and sustaining way. It comes along side single moms who are at risk of homelessness or who are already living that way, meet their immediate needs in basic housing, safety and basic needs, and then walk with families as moms strive to make long-term and sustainable change.

The Shiloh approach addresses the needs of the whole woman – not a quick Band-Aid solution – to the complex issues of homelessness and poverty. We provide:

  • Housing and utilities so that moms can know that their children will be safe, fed, and in a stable place from night to night.
  • Tuition so moms can gain degrees or career training so that they can obtain head-of-household jobs.
  • Financial literacy training with financial transparency, so  they can learn critical skills in budgeting, paying off debt and savings
  • Job placement assistance – both when initially entering the program and when they finish their degree or career training. This allows moms to practice financial skills while at Shiloh and prepare for their future after Shiloh.
  • Parenting training in order to equip moms to lead and guide their family through the challenges of children and fully prepare their child to be strong and effective adults
  • One-on-one counseling sessions so moms and children and address hurts, wounds, and barriers from the past that may hamper a successful future
  • Individualized case management with a high level of accountability to both short-term and long-term goals.

Shiloh offers opportunity and assistance, but it is the hard work and determination of the mom, partnered with a willingness to grow and change, that brings about their success. Our mission is to know that  when a Shiloh mom is re-launched into the world, she is fully equipped to not only financially provide for herself and her children, but that she is able to establish a generational legacy of stability, accomplishment, and hope for her children.

To learn more about life changing work of Shiloh Place or to see how you can be a part visit www.ShilohPlaceMcKinney.com and follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/shilohplace