Volunteer and Become A #LifeChanger

We have recently made a few changes to our volunteer opportunities.  Please read below to learn more about how to currently get involved at Shiloh Place.

Please note…We are no longer accepting clothing or household donationsDue to very limited storage space and restrictions of needing particular sizes, shapes and fits, we were receiving an unmanageable amount of donations.  Further the organizing and tracking of these donations was taking up an excessive amount of our staff’s limited time. This has led us to create partnerships with other local organizations to help fill these and uphold our standard of stewardship. 

Ways to Volunteer…

Tuesday Night Dinners  We invite you, your family, your business group, or your small group to
bring Tuesday night dinner for our Shiloh Place families.  Tuesday night’s our moms and their kids
attend Life Skills and Jr. Life Skills from 6-8 at First McKinney Church. Our Shiloh families almost all
come immediately from work, pick up kids from after school care and then drive to class without
dinner or any down time.  By bringing dinner for these families you would not only be providing
them with a wonderful meal, but it also provides them with a moment of rest before re engaging them
into some intense and often emotional work. Dinner is served between 5:45-6:15 and can range in
preparation anywhere from a homemade meal to calling in pizza.  Sign Up HERE
Grounds Keeping Work Day  (Needed once a month)
Volunteers help clean and maintain the common areas and grounds here at Shiloh Place. Date
and time would need to be coordinated to ensure a Shiloh Place representative
would be present. Cleaning/maintenance products can be provided by Shiloh Place or brought the day
of by organization. This volunteer opportunity would include tasks such as…
•   Pulling weeds from landscaped areas
•   Deep cleaning the common areas (kids room, community room, etc.)
•   Cleaning up and maintaining the equipment in kids playground area
•   Deep cleaning the common hallway floors and stairs of the main house
•   Cleaning the front patio area of the main house
Stock the Shiloh Store  (Contact us for our most needed items currently)
Organizations sign up for a designated month to adopt our store. A specific list of items
needed would be supplied by Shiloh Place for the organization to collect from their
group over the course of a month.  Items needed usually include items like…
Toiletries                             Wipes                                          Nonperishable dry/canned goods Toilet Paper
Diapers                                Paper Towels
 Adopt an Apartment  As moms graduate from our program, they take with them the kitchen and home
good items that were provided to them when they came to live at Shiloh Place.  As each new mom
enters the program, their apartment is restocked and ready for them at move-in.  Organizations can
adopt an apartment to get it ready for a new Shiloh family.  Contact us for a list.
Join the Maintenance Team This team meets every 1st Tuesday of the month on site to address
maintenance needs as they arise in apartments and common areas.  Our hope is to have skilled men in
this group who can address maintenance needs as they arise in order to avoid high cost company
repairs.   Members can also serve “on call” to help as emergency maintenance needs arise throughout the month.
Apartment move-out deep clean Another need, as moms graduate from our program and move out, is to
deep clean their apartment to get it ready for the next family.  This is a great opportunity for
smaller volunteer groups who would like to be “on-call” and given a couple weeks notice before the
deep cleaning would need to be done.
Gift card or Stamp drive  At Shiloh Place monetary donations are a necessity for the program and
always welcome.  However organizations also enjoy collecting something more tangible in the form of
gift cards.  Gift cards can be used for text books, back to school expenses, apartment needs,
repairs, office supplies and more.  Gas cards can be used to help get a mom to and from
work/school, and we always have a great need for stamps in the office.  The most commonly used gift
cards here are Shiloh Place are from…
Amazon                         Walmart                               IKEA
Target                             Home Depot                       Gas Cards
Host a Shiloh Talk  We are always looking for ways to share our story and grow our baseline of
supporters, volunteers, and donors.  If you have an organization, business, church group, boy
scout/girl scout troop, etc. we would love to come and speak at your next event/meeting.  Shiloh
talks can be as short as 15 minutes and as long as you would like.  We simply come and share our
story, by acknowledging the homeless crisis that we are facing in our community and how Shiloh
Place is responding to it.  This is not a fundraiser and we do not ask for donations at these
talks.   To learn more CLICK HERE

For more information on any of these volunteer opportunities please visit
www.shilohplacemkcinney.com or contact Sequoyah@shilohplacemckinney.com.