Three years ago, our first mom and her two children moved into Shiloh Place. They were greeted by the only other Shiloh residents, Adam and Casey Ray, our On-Site Supervisors. Last week, they helped to welcome our most recent mom, and their last, to Shiloh. Last week was their last of being our On-Site Supervisors, but their presence will continue at Shiloh long after they have moved out of their apartment.

As the very first On-Site Supervisors, they helped to create this critical role in the lives of the Shiloh families. They built relationships through birthday parties, talks while the kids played, and shoulders to cry on. They cared for the families by tending to repairs and maintenance, and making sure that Shiloh was a safe and relaxing place to live. They were encouragers when families faced struggles, from visits in hospital rooms to final exam study baskets to late night texts and phone calls. However, most importantly, they showed their great love of Christ and of each of the women and children at Shiloh, through their daily actions, sacrifices and prayers. Everyone who came in contact with them could clearly see their testimony – not through words, but by the daily lives of Adam and Casey.
Under their tenure there has been: thirteen moms and twenty-one children who have lived at Shiloh, 8 Shiloh board members, 5 staff members, and uncounted volunteers, who have all come into contact and been influenced for the better by the Ray’s. Every one of them has been touched by Adam’s quiet strength, leadership, willingness to do what is needed, and love of the children he was positioned to influence. Every one of them has been embraced by Casey’s unconditional love, support, humor and encouragement. And every one of us who is blessed to know this amazing and Godly couple, counts ourselves fortunate to be able to call them friends.

Adam and Casey were hired to be our very first On-Site Supervisors, and God definitely brought the right people at the right time. They blazed the trail, figured out what works well (and what didn’t!), and all around set a standard that will be extremely difficult to match. Their legacy and impact on the people and ministry of Shiloh will forever be part of our foundation.

Thank you Adam and Casey. May God richly bless you with success and joy in all of your future steps. You will always be in our hearts.