Hope and a Future

for Single Moms and their Children

Shiloh Place

Shiloh Place is a ministry that comes alongside and deeply invests in each individual, providing them with the education and skills needed to end the cycle of poverty for their family for generations to come.

The Situation

Most people would never consider that Collin County has a homeless problem. However, that is not the case, and the needs are immense right here in our community.

of homeless families in Collin County are headed by single moms.
students are registered as homeless by McKinney ISD. This is the equivalent of the population of an entire elementary school.
of the student population in McKinney ISD receives free or reduced lunch.
an hour is the minimum amount which a single mother living in Collin County needs to make in order to survive and provide for her family.
of single moms living in Collin County live below the poverty line, which means they make $21,000 or less annually.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip single mothers with financial independence and personal wholeness by addressing their physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The Shiloh Approach

At Shiloh Place, we create deep, intentional relationships for sustained impact, as opposed to a temporary fix. For up to two years, our program focuses on and provides:

Advanced Education




Life Skills Classes

Case Management

Shiloh Graduates

have accomplished the following:

  • Degree or certification in a high-demand, high-pay field
  • Full-time, salaried, head of household job earning them a livable wage
  • Savings account with an average of $5,000
  • Significantly reduced or eliminated debt
  • Safe and stable place of their own to live