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Shiloh Place is a ministry to single moms and their children that offers housing, childcare and tuition assistance for up to two years. Our purpose is to come along side homeless, single moms, deeply invest in each individual over the course of their time with us (up to two years), and then celebrate them as they move back into self-sufficient living.

Shiloh Place is unique and innovative in our approach to addressing poverty, homelessness and under-education in several ways.

  1. We are a hand up, not a hand out program. We provide basic needs (housing, childcare, utilities, etc.), case management, and tuition for job training or career development; however, we expect the moms in our program to be committed and work hard toward their goals. Our expectations are high and include:
    • Be enrolled full-time in a degree or certificate program that will lead to a self-sufficient career
    • Work part-time, preferably in her chosen job field
    • Attend weekly case management sessions
    • Participate in weekly Life Skills classes including parenting, financial management, boundaries and forgiveness
    • Pass weekly house checks of their apartment
  2. Accountability is a core value. Expectation without accountability leads to apathy and failure. We invest heavily into each one of our residents. In return, our residents agree to be held accountable for their actions, or inactions, while at Shiloh. Residents learn, in a safe environment, that choices and actions have consequences, and that we are each accountable for our decisions. This allows us to more greatly impact life-long habits, as well as position each mom for the greatest possible success, both now and in her future.
  3. We are striving to make a generational impact. Caring for the children of our residents is essential to addressing the needs of the family. In addition to ensuring quality childcare we: have parenting classes, work in partnership with Lawson Learning Center and McKinney ISD to ensure that children are on grade level academically, provide Jr. Life Skills classes weekly, and generally surround the children with security and love. Further, our approach addresses every area of a woman’s life: physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual, so that a mom who leaves Shiloh is not only financially self-sufficient, but is fully equipped to handle the struggles and stresses of life. This will not only benefit her, but will establish a healthy and prosperous home for her children and create a legacy of stability, accomplishment and foundation in Christ.

Our mission is to equip single mothers with financial independence and personal wholeness by addressing their physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs.

Our Location

Located near the heart of Downtown McKinney

McKinney, TX 75070
Phone: 469.534.9407